Covid-19 Mitigation Measures

Candy Tours always makes safety our number one priority. We have Covid-19 Mitigation Measures in place and our staff are trained to implement them.

We monitor updates from Government and update the measures in line with any new advice.

The aim is to keep our passengers & staff safe and to give confidence to those travelling with us.

The lead passenger making the booking must ensure all members of the group are aware of the measures.

Fitness to travel:

  • The group leader must ensure that anyone who has symptoms of Covid-19 does not board the vehicle.

Social distancing:

  • The vehicle capacity is reduced to around 60% with circa 0.9 m between passengers. No more than 9 passengers (10 in the Mercedes vehicles) will be carried unless passengers are all part of linked household ‘bubbles’, or as permitted under the latest Government guidance.
  • Window seats only are used (unless members of the same household are travelling together)
  • The high seat backs help provide a physical barrier.
  • Passengers are required to fill the rear seats first so as to avoid walking past seated passengers. When getting off the vehicle, disembarkation will start from the front.
  • Drivers will open doors for passengers to avoid touching of handles.
  • Customers are to maintain social distancing outside the vehicle whilst waiting to board.

The ’Rule of Six’:

  • The Government’s announcement about social gatherings being limited to six people does NOT affect private minibus hire, day trips or holidays you have booked with us. There is a distinction between what is legally permitted privately and what is permitted within a business setting.
  • Group events are permitted when professionally organised by businesses who have made risk assessments and put in place good practices for Covid-19 safety.


  • Passengers are required to wear facemasks on board (unless exempt).
  • Facemasks can be makeshift cloth face coverings including scarves and bandanas. It is the customers responsibility to provide their own facemask.


  • We strongly recommend you bring your own sanitiser and use it before boarding and disembarkation, and whilst at your destination. Drivers will also have sanitiser available.


  • All vehicles are cleaned internally before each trip and this includes the use of anti-viral cleaner.  Additional cleaning of key ‘touch points’ is undertaken whilst vehicle is at the destination.


  • Luggage will be loaded by the driver before any passengers get on board. Luggage should be placed by vehicle for the driver to load.


  • Ventilation to the rear compartment will be provided at all times.


Updated: 10 September 2020

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